HANOWA is born in Switzerland but at home around the world.

Founded by Hans Noll in Biel/Bienne in 1963, HANOWA makes timepieces that express our philosophy and speak to positive, open-minded people from all around the world, who enjoy diversity, discovery and urban life-style.

As an optimistic, cosmopolitan brand, HANOWA loves all facets of heritage and personalities that our world’s citizen possess.
Young, hearty and smart HANOWA underlines people’s personality and style, being a chic and subtle statement as well as an everyday favorite.

Therefore timeless and modern elements harmonize in each creation radiating a laid-back, casual elegance.

Each model embodies traditional Swiss quality, fresh color combinations and appealing shapes for him and her.



 Modern woman wearing Hanowa watch Luca


1963 HANOWA is founded in the city of watchmaking Biel/Bienne, Switzerland by Hans Noll

1969 The brand HANOWA extends its collection of wrist-watches with fashionable ring watches, pendants and pocket watches

1985 HANOWA has grown into a renowned watch brand with a broad international distribution

2013 The brand proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary


The Swiss made label is internationally recognized as a guarantee of quality, the recognition of an unmatched watchmaking know-how.
To be considered as Swiss made, a watch has to respect precise specifications set by federation of the Swiss Watch Industry.
All of the watches in the Hanowa collection bear the Swiss cross logo, a symbol that is internationally recognised as a symbol of premium quality and prestige.


Hanowa watch model Edelweiss